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Using FX files without -shipping- my FX shader files

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In the past, for D3D9, I would have fxc generate the header-file version of the shader and then #include that into my code.  This meant the user never received a copy of the raw HLSL code, which is how I'd like to keep it.


In those days, however, I kept my Vertex and Pixel shaders in different files, so each got its own identifier in the header file.  Now with the whole block of technique/pass/etc and both types of shaders in the same FX file, I don't know how to do it.


With only a single variable name in the .h file (which in my case is Particle_HLSL), how do I





It's all working just fine with D3DXCreateEffectFromFile on the fx file, but as noted that means I have to ship the fx file.  That's all I'm trying to really avoid, so any ideas are welcome.



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Well nothing stops you from including them in the PE image as a binary resource, and then use the rc apis to get the fx file (or better the compiled bytecode for the shader, but then u have to roll ur own parts for some of the fx framework).

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My solution was to compile them to .cso and then do this:


V_RETURN( D3DXCreateEffectFromFile(pd3dDevice, strPath.c_str(), 0, 0, D3DXSHADER_DEBUG, 0, &_ptrEffect, &pBuffer) );
V_RETURN( pd3dDevice->CreateVertexDeclaration(particleVertexDeclarations, &_ptrVertexDeclaration) );
// Get the technique, pass, and shaders we need
D3DXHANDLE hTechnique = _ptrEffect->GetTechniqueByName("ExplosionTechnique");
if (!hTechnique)
return E_FAIL;
D3DXHANDLE hPass = _ptrEffect->GetPassByName(hTechnique, "Pass0");
if (!hPass)
return E_FAIL;
// Get the vertex and pixel shaders 
V_RETURN( _ptrEffect->GetPassDesc(hPass, &desc) );
V_RETURN( pd3dDevice->CreateVertexShader(desc.pVertexShaderFunction, &_ptrVertexShader) );
V_RETURN( pd3dDevice->CreatePixelShader (desc.pPixelShaderFunction,  &_ptrPixelShader) );

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