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Network game: how to handle turn game (like ruzzle management)

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sefiroths    138

i'm wondering how to handle matches like do ruzzle in ios:
one player can play the game and the other can play it too, while all two player haven't finished, i can't go to the second...
GKTurnBasedMatch can't be because only one player at a time can make his move...

Real-Time Matches? but if a player accept to play, then disconnects...?


should i have a separate server that stores the game, or i can use some other apple api?


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zylski    203

i dont think the apple api has much that will help you out...i would set up your own server that stores the data for all active games in each client (so a multi threaded server) and whenver a client plays a turn it sets a variable in the client like bool[] activeGames = {false, false, true}; so game 3 it be your turn (probibly would work better in a list not an array so you can story objects) anyways kinda an idea feel free to pm me for my skype if you have more questions

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