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Cubert: Learning Unity with C# by creating a 2.5D Skills Game

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A week ago I started the project of a 2.5D Skills Game, where our character is a cube, and this cube (which is called "Cubert") has several functionalities that it should use to bypass challenges throughout the levels.


Update: You can now play the game here



Here are the key functionalities that I have embedded:

  • First of all, there is the camera script. I have embedded the SmoothFollowV2 from the unity resources and tweaked it to my liking.
  • Added a "Hover" ability for Cubert; While in air, the player can press H and it would hover (just a big jump) until the hover fuel ends (which is indicated by the Hover GUI on the top left of the screen goes black). The hover fuel, if ends, will refresh after around 6 seconds.
  • If the main back wall is blocking us from seeing Cubert clearly, its' material would just fade (alpha value,) and if the camera returns to its' bounds, the material gets back.
  • Rotation ability: Cubert can rotate, and the camera would rotate with him. This ability is used to bypass edged passes, as it would be hard looking at cubert from the side while walking through them.
  • Scale down ability for Cubert, where, if the player presses "n", Cubert would scale down for about 4 seconds, making him able to bypass narrow entrances.
  • Hover Capsule, if taken, Cubert's ability to hover would increase way more (still working on making a Hover actual animated fuel bar, and not just GUI text.)
  • To finally exit the level, there is a portal which is made out of two particle systems and a cube whose mesh renderer is disabled, in which Cubert must pass through.
  • Both Day and Night environments.
  • Basic lightmapping.
  • More functionalities soon
  • Currently there are 3 levels.

*Note: If you are wondering how I created one or more of the functionalities, you are very welcome to ask me! Always glad to help!



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For the animated fuel bar you could look at changing the x scale of a plane or use an alpha test shader and change the cutoff value based on amount of fuel left.

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