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Project 2137: A new indie sci-fi RPG

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Project 2137

Brrapp Games – August 2013 Press Release


I'd like to share some info with you about a new game in development by New World Computing veteran Tim Lang, one of the masterminds behind the original Might and Magic RPG series.  Tim has been in the video games industry for over twenty years and he's especially excited about this massive project after having spent the past few months working aggressively to make it happen.  Right now we're calling it Project 2137 and it will be an RPG heavily influenced by sci-fi, featuring human-robot conflicts that take place over 100 years in the future.  You will play as a human-robot hybrid exploring a diverse world populated by both futuristic metropolises and desolate wastelands. Here's a glimpse of what's to come:




Welcome to a vision of the future where the technological singularity has occurred and man walks through a twisted world.  In this dystopian civilization, there is a spectrum of organisms ranging from pure humans to pure robots, and everything in between.  Society is concentrated in large enclaves scattered across the continents with desolate, deserted land in between known by all as the Wastes.  Due to poverty and corruption, enclaves are constantly at war with each other over the planet's scarce resources.  Humans are weary of anything walking around with metal parts and their mistrust may cause some neuroticism.  Technology has rendered the robot-human hybrids incredibly powerful and dangerous.  One must keep an eye watching their back at all times, else suffer the consequences.  




Now, if you're like me, you really enjoyed the elements of sci-fi intertwined with the Might and Magic series.  There's nothing quite like it and probably never will be again.  Story and gameplay trends in video games are changing and the graphics of the 1990s have come and gone.  But, there's still the wide open future of entertaining games to come - games that you'll look back on twenty years from now and reminisce upon.  Imagine the gameplay and ambiance of a Might and Magic RPG title wrapped into a dark, futuristic Earth.  It could work, right?  Believe me, I know Tim and he has true passion and dedication when it comes to designing games.  Amazing games at that.  We can assure you all, this is going to be an epic and inspiring new adventure and we'd love your feedback and support.


Please visit us at the Brrapp Games Facebook Page and the Brrapp Games Website for more information and updates, including concept art, gameplay video, and exclusive promotions on Project 2137 and other games by Brrapp.  Tim and the Brrapp Games team will be delighted to answer any of your questions and comments. 




Ariel Wigdor

Director of Public Relations

Brrapp Entertainment

Edited by Brrapp Games

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New Concept Art - The Vac


In Project 2137 the primary means of transportation from enclave to enclave is a high speed vacuu-powered train known as the VacTrain, or more commonly as "The Vac". The purpose of such a machine is to exceed in travel speed and reduce travel costs, making the Vac a highly efficient and economic construct. It's been around for quite some time, so it's not the latest and greatest of technologies, but it does its job and is heavily relied upon. Think of it as the subway of the skies.







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