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Question on Calculating Camera For Dynamic Camera System (GOW Talks)

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I've dived in to the PDF's for the Dynamic Camera System from the God of War series.


I've mostly got it setup in Unity,


Except there is no mention of exactly how the internal values are used to calculate the transform of the camera. The values are as follows:


"the angle from the look vector of the camera, to the target. This is a 2d diagram, but in 3d this is a

pair of angles, from the horizontal, and the vertical, in camera space. We use the angles, so that we
can easily represent the cases where the target is behind the camera. It also makes it easier to
apply the safe zone constraints, as these are internally represented as a pair of angular ranges in
the same space.
* the angle of the camera to the world, again, 2d diagram, consider that dotted line to be zero
degrees. In 3d we use an euler, because they
re easy to manipulate and visualise.
* and the distance to the target plane"
Any Ideas?
The PDF is here:
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I actually think I can figure it out, The diagram makes a lot of sense actually.

 using trig you can get the point of the triangle, that doesnt seem so bad.


Thing is he gets from the designer controlled values to these values somehow..... i feel like there is some major math that is missing.

specifically the range variables... i guess they are weighted somehow?


Bah... i'm confused. wacko.png

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