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Project OS [Untitled]

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 Good Day.

 I thought I would share the project I am working on.



Title: Untitled

Genre: RTS / Tactical Fleet Command

Platforms: Windows

Description Draft:

"Civil War rages in the quadrant between the Coalition and the Federation. You will command your ship and lead your fleet in large battles for control of territory, resources, and supremacy. Your ship is the centerpiece of any fleet, a carrier. Your role as fleet commander is to manage and maintain orders for all combat and logistic units in order to overpower and outfight the enemy"

I intend to remain quiet at this time in regards to actual game-play elements, particularly on the point on how the player will be managing his fleet, resources, territory control and game modes.  I am posting here just to show some of the early work of the engine itself. However tmy goal involves large scale environments,  and fleet battles involving up to 4000 ships, fighter-craft, and drones. Logistics and Electronic Ware-fare vessels will play a key role determining the outcome of any battle. Ship classes range currently from tiny units such as combat drones, to massive super-capital ships. The commander's (player's) ship would almost always be some form of carrier, weather small or large.  There will be initially two factions with a variety of unit types under your command.

The above reflects mostly goals at this time, as I am still working on the game technologies, I figured it would be a good idea to post this as I get closer to putting out a really early combat prototype. At this time the game engine itself supports up to 50000 active ships in a single environment ( solar system ), and about 5000 in view of the camera on a modern graphics card.


Some of the completed mesh for completed unit types:


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