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Anyone playing Monster MMORPG like Flight Rising ?

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Version 2.1.7 Deployed to Monster MMORPG

* Critical stat were not getting increased when all stats were increased. This bug fixed

* New feature. Now on monster capturing page you will see a monster box that shows whether you own that monster or not

* 16 New monsters added to the game and 3 monsters images updated

---- Image Updated Monsters: 1775: Pangoro, 1526: Panleaf, 1527: Pochamp

* With this now we don't have any official Pokemon image anymore which were mistakenly added

* All monsters on maps re-assigned
* All monsters default abilities re-assigned
* All NPCs and their monsters re-assigned

* Monster appearing ratios significantly changed. Now Emissaries will more likely to appear than regular and superior.
* Currently not available to catch monsters can be seen at below (they may still be obtainable with transformation)
 ---- http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Not-Appear-On-Maps.txt
* Credits page updated since we have new artists
 ---- http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Credits

* Special weekend bonus EXP and Gold event start - 200%

* Here the new monsters

 1784-Firemboo.png 1785-Bamboom.png 1786-Huntle.png 1787-Cazathor.png 1788-Wvyvile.png 1789-Radon.png 1790-Rumpdon.png 1791-Rammedon.png 1792-Pibird.png 1793-Trampolm.png 1794-Odieo.png 1795-Odonine.png 1796-Pobulb.png 1797-Otatulb.png 1798-Potatric.png 1799-Lurbano.png


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