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OpenGL opengl es 2.0 and architectural model from ifc, extrude and groups

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I wish create a simple 3d cad system for architectural build from an importer.
All my object are from the ifc of the building system and are created for extrusion.
I have a base shape, a polyline that can be extrude by depth and direction.
I have many base shapes that I can extrude with a parametric change of the depth and of orientation, instead the shape remain the same.

I think to a rendering system that divide and groups by the same base shape and does the extrusion in the vertex shader.
I think to that because i wish render my model also in an android tablet with opengl es 2.0 and i must save memory that in the mobile is more limited than in a desktop or a notebook.

Then i think to create for each group a vbo with n(the number of 2d vertexes in the base shape) x 2 that x2 are the vertexes of the opposite shape after the extrusion , and is possible to do that in the vertex shader?

I saw at morphing and skinning shader that a vertex can be moved or rotated in the vertex shader, is possible to do the same for the extrusion?

Then , and i ask you i can use the pseudo instancing, i have a set of 1000 to 10000 objects that i must render that are rectangles(beam) or columns or shells.
I would use the pseudo instancing more for memory gains and for using the same shader and not 10000 than that the replication o the same geometry.


all my objects remain the same for all the time in the application, they are only rotated(I have a camera) and selected/deselect and other simple operation with dialogs and data.

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