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Localization ?

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hi guys,
I posted here since I can't seem to find any sub forum that fits with my topic.

Has anyone has links/resources that I can read regarding localization? I'm thinking about localizing my game into several non english language mainly china, japan and korea. Was wondering about how much it will cost and who to choose.

Googling on the net, it seems there's a wide variety of translation agency with different range of rates as well. Makes me wonder about the standard of the cost vs quality.

Any member of GDnet here is a professional translator?



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The irony of this post is that I am currently in the process of creating a list of companies that do localisation...though am focussing on game companies/publishers rather than straight out translation services. If you have enough patience to last a couple of days a list should be posted in the business and law forum for review and additions from members. Your thread here by the way is suited for that forum as it is basically a business issue. One company off the top of my head (I am on a tablet not my pc atm) is Playism which localises to Japanese.

Hope this helps smile.png



edit: due to a health issue which has re-emerged I am temporarily out of commission so unable get the lists processed. Hopefully this will be resolved within the week.

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