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Unity [Unity3D] Foot placement for Quadruped

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I'm working on this little creature creature animated with Mecanim for a study project.


I would like this creature to take into account the terrain's relief when moving. It is similar to the Locomotion System, but this one is not compatible with Mecanim. So I'm trying to make my own primitive system.

I first work on a bipede, with it had some kind of result (far from perfect, but it was a start)


But on a quadrupede this is a different story

I had to freeze the rotation in x of my model (by adding a constraint on the rigid body). Without it, my model was sent flying all over the place whenever it moved on a hill from the wrong angle. (true story!)

And because of the constraint my model is still straight on a slope (like, "yeah I have powerful abs, deal with it!"). To resolve this matter, I thought about modifying the spine of the character to make it always at the same distance from the ground.

Another solution would be to make the rotation myself, by calculating the distance from the hip to the ground, and making an according rotation.

That's it. I'm stuck on this problem, and if anybody has an advice, a word, anything that can help me, I will be extremely grateful.

Thanks for reading this message and I whish you a pleasant day.

DudeImaFlying!.PNGDude! Ima flying!

Ps : I already posted this message (or close enough) on the Unity3D forum, english and french. I hope nobody will take offense ^^'

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