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Greed Monger - Housing Prototype

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Hello. I'm the Team Lead and Programming Lead for Greed Monger. Greed Monger is a indie Sandbox MMORPG currently in development by ElectricCrow Games. 


website: http://www.greedmonger.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greedmongermmo


I would like to share with you guys our Housing Prototype that I put together and get your thoughts and ideas on it.


Below is a Youtube Video of me Building a House:




We have released this Prototype for everyone to play around with. You can try it out at the following link:



Here are some Houses people in our Community have created:











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Really cool!


Many questions:

1) Can your building footprint be rotated by the player, or is the grid fixed to align with the cardinal directions?

2) Can players place two or more buildings right next to each other, with zero space between them, to create larger guild-halls and castles?

3) Are players limited to one building footprint at a time?

4) If a player decides to build on a hill, do you level the hill, raise up the building footprint, or both?

5) Do you detect if players are trying to build over a dungeon entrance, and don't let them put a building footprint there?

6) Do you plan future support for one or more basement levels? What about building into the sides of a cliff?

7) What's the maximum number of floors you currently support?

8) Gameplay-wise, do you charge a player more gold coins for each piece of a building he puts down?

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1) The Parcels of Land that a player can build on are fixed North to south. 

2) Buildings can be placed pretty close together but not so they are touching.

3) In the Prototype you can build as many buildings on the Parcels as you want. We have had people create entire villages before. In the actual Game we will have to test it out and see what we can allow with out having the Client slow to a crawl. The Modular Building Assets were Custom designed to use as little Draw Calls and resources as possible so combined with our custom Area of Interest System which allows objects to be created and destroyed as the player moves with in range and out of range we should be able to allow the players pretty much complete freedom to build whatever they want on their parcels.

4) This is still a work in progress. Most likely we will flatten the hill to the height of the lowest point.

5) Because Players can only build on their Parcels of Land and we place where the parcels are located we will be able to control and ensure that no one builds around a Dungeon.

6) For Basements we are currently being held back by Unity's Terrain Engine which doesn't have the ability to cut holes in the terrain. We have talked about switching to a Custom Voxel based Terrain Engine post launch at which time we would be able to introduce Basements.

7) We currently support 2 floors. This will most likely be increased some what post launch as we introduce new Building Modules.

8) Each module will take different amounts of Resources. So you will need to collect wood, stone, iron, sand, ect. and then craft the Iron into nails which will be needed for the modules, Craft Sand into Glass, ect.

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