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OpenGL Issue with GLEW, Eclipse, MinGW

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Hello all,


I have just recently been trying to set up an OpenGL environment in Windows, using Eclipse as my IDE and MinGW as my compiler.  I am stumbling along so far, but have successfully gotten a simple window up and rendering with freeGlut.


However, I started running into problems when attempting to call the function "glGenBuffers()" to allocate a vertex buffer and an index buffer.  I realized then that I needed a utility to get access to the extension functions, which is when I started looking at GLEW.  I downloaded the source and built it with msys ( make ), and I am currently trying to get the library functional in my application.


Initially it would fail immediately with dll errors, until I put the built "glew32.dll" in my Path.  Now I can get past the starting point, but as soon as I call "glGenBuffers()", I get another missing dll error.  Specifically it says in my console window:



Error: dll starting at 0x772f1000 not found.

Error: dll starting at 0x760c1000 not found.

Error: dll starting at 0x772f1000 not found.

Error: dll starting at 0x77411000 not found.

Cannot access memory at address 0x0



I am a bit confused at this point.  I would assume that if I were still missing the dll file GLEW needed, it would still be crashing on startup.  But maybe the dll is just enough to keep it from crashing initially but not actually compiled correctly for my platform?  I did end up with my msys setup being unable to find MinGW, but it built GLEW all the same ( perhaps with a different, incompatible compiler ? ).


Sorry, that's a lot of balls in the air, I apologize.  If anybody has any good advice to track this sort of thing down, I'd appreciate it.


Thanks much!

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Woops!  Guess I should read the manual.  Looks like I needed the following:






... before calling any of the extension functions.  Now no more dll issues!

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