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SetFloat, SetVector, SetMatrix have no effect

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I'm having trouble setting shader variables, as in I'm unable to.  In the FX file, I have:


//cbuffer ExplosionData : register(b0) // BUGBUG consistent casing
float    secondsLifetime;
float    secondsRemaining;
float    explosionSpeed;
   float4x4 worldViewProjection;
   Texture  particleTexture;
float3   startPosition;


I get the D3DXHANDLEs to them by name, and they come back with valid handles.  As you can see I originally had them in a cbuffer but moved them out just to see if it made a difference, which it did not.  This is all vs3_0 and ps3_0 stuff.


_hSecondsLiftime       = _ptrEffect->GetParameterByName(0, "secondsLifetime");
_hSecondsRemaining     = _ptrEffect->GetParameterByName(0, "secondsRemaining");
_hExplosionSpeed       = _ptrEffect->GetParameterByName(0, "explosionSpeed");
_hWorldViewProjection  = _ptrEffect->GetParameterByName(0, "worldViewProjection");
_hParticleTexture      = _ptrEffect->GetParameterByName(0, "particleTexture");
_hStartPosition        = _ptrEffect->GetParameterByName(0, "startPosition");
In my render code I do BeginScene, SetTechnique, abd BeginPass.  Then I SetVertexDeclaration, SetVertexShader, SetPixel shader, all good so far.  Then I start to set my shader variables.
In PIX, however, I can see this:
IDIRECT3DDevice9::SetFloat(0xFEFE5B7B, 0.000f);
IDIRECT3DDevice9::SetFloat(0xFEFE5B23, 0.000f);
IDIRECT3DDevice9::SetMatrix(0xFEFE5A73, 0x3FE7C3B5)

The problem, as you can see, is that no matter values (and I've walked it and verified they are non-zero at the call) get passed through as zero, and my worldViewProjection winds up as an empty matrix.


The question, then, is:  "What could I be doing wrong based on the above to cause setting my shader variables to do nothing?"


I've stuck a RAR of the PIX file at the end, for what that's worth!  Many thanks for any tips!


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You're making your Set calls after BeginPass so you need to call ID3DXEffect::CommitChanges before you can draw.


See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb205817%28v=vs.85%29.aspx



If the application changes any effect state using any of the Effect::Setx methods inside of a ID3DXEffect::BeginPass/ID3DXEffect::EndPass matching pair, the application must call ID3DXEffect::CommitChanges to set the update the device with the state changes.

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My issue turned out to be a pretty basic one - not calling effect->Begin(...) on the effect itself, although I had called Begin on the scene and on the pass.

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