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Camera panning

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I'm implementing a Maya-like camera for my SlimDX application.
I succesfully implemented rotation around camera target point and zoom, but I'm stuck trying to implement screen space panning.
I would like to replicate the same grab camera behaviour as ALT+MMB in Maya: translating along camera local X and Y axis.
My camera class is defined as follow:

public Vector3 EyePosition { get; set; }
public Vector3 Target { get; set; }
public Vector3 LookAt { get; set; }
public Vector3 Up { get; set; }
public Vector3 Right { get; set; }
public float FOV { get; set; }
public float RotationSpeed { get; set; }
public Matrix GetLookAtMatrix()
    return Matrix.LookAtLH(this.EyePosition, this.LookAt, this.Up);

The code I'm using to rotate around is:

float deltaX = MouseX - PreviousMouseX;
float deltaY = MouseY - PreviousMouseY;
deltaX *= camera.RotationSpeed;
deltaY *= camera.RotationSpeed;

Matrix matRotAxis, matRotY;

//create direction vector
camera.LookAt = (camera.Target - camera.EyePosition);
camera.LookAt = Vector3.Normalize(camera.LookAt);

//strafe vector
camera.Right = Vector3.Cross(camera.Up, camera.LookAt);
camera.Right = Vector3.Normalize(camera.Right);

//create rotation matrices
matRotAxis = Matrix.RotationAxis(camera.Right, deltaY);
matRotY = Matrix.RotationY(deltaX);
Matrix rotationMatrix = matRotAxis * matRotY;

//rotate up vector
camera.Up = Vector3.TransformCoordinate(camera.Up, rotationMatrix);
camera.Up = Vector3.Normalize(camera.Up);

//update position
camera.EyePosition = Vector3.TransformCoordinate(camera.EyePosition, rotationMatrix);
PreviousMouseX = MouseX;
PreviousMouseY = MouseY;

To pan the camera along its X and Y, I just add the translation delta to both Target and EyePosition,
but this results in strange behaviour. For example my camera.Up vector changes...
How can I translate both EyePosition and Target in camera space?

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nevermind, solved finding this topic: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/642379-camera-rotation-around-selected-object/


this is the working code if interested:

if (MiddleMousePressed && AltKeyPressed)
    int deltaX = ((ApplicationState)_applicationState).PreviousMouseX - ((ApplicationState)_applicationState).MouseX;
    int deltaY = ((ApplicationState)_applicationState).PreviousMouseY - ((ApplicationState)_applicationState).MouseY;

    Matrix inverseView = Matrix.Invert(camera.View);

    //screen space drag vector
    Vector3 drag = new Vector3(deltaX, -deltaY, 0.0f);
    //transform drag vector to world space
    drag = Vector3.TransformNormal(drag, inverseView);
    //drag = Vector3.Normalize(drag);
    drag *= camera.PanSpeed;

    PreviousMouseX = MouseX;
    PreviousMouseY = MouseY;
else if (LeftMousePressed && AltKeyPressed)
    float deltaX = MouseX - PreviousMouseX;
    float deltaY = MouseY - PreviousMouseY;

    Vector3 drag = new Vector3(-deltaX, deltaY, 0.0f);
    Matrix inverseView = Matrix.Invert(camera.View);
    //transform drag vector to world space
    drag = Vector3.TransformNormal(drag, inverseView);
    drag *= camera.RotationSpeed;
    //create axis from drag and direction vector
    Vector3 axis = Vector3.Cross(drag, camera.Direction);
    axis = Vector3.Normalize(axis);
    //rotate around axis
    Matrix rotation = Matrix.RotationAxis(axis, drag.Length() * Utilities.toDeg);
    //transform direction and up
    Vector3 dir = Vector3.TransformNormal(camera.Direction, rotation);
    //recalculate position
    camera.SetPosition(camera.LookAtPoint - (dir * camera.Distance) );
    //recalculate up
    Vector3 upAxis = Vector3.Cross(camera.Up, dir);
    upAxis.Y = 0.0f;
    upAxis = Vector3.Normalize(upAxis);
    //cross direction and up axis for up vector
    camera.SetUp( Vector3.Cross(dir, upAxis) );

    PreviousMouseX = MouseX;
    PreviousMouseY = MouseY;
else if (AltKeyPressed && MouseWheel != 0)
    //recalculate position
    float zoomFactor = (1 + 0.1f * MouseWheel);
    camera.LookAtPoint += camera.Direction * 1 / zoomFactor;
    camera.SetPosition(camera.LookAtPoint - (camera.Direction * camera.Distance * zoomFactor));

    MouseWheel = 0;

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