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need and implementation of matrix.createFromAxisAngle

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Did you google "axis angle matrix" and look at the first hit (wikipedia)?



Rotation matrix from axis and angle

For some applications, it is helpful to be able to make a rotation with a given axis. Given a unit vector u = (uxuyuz), where ux2 + uy2 + uz2 = 1, the matrix for a rotation by an angle of ? about an axis in the direction of u is



EDIT: For a 4x4 matrix the bottom right corner will be 1 and the other entries on the 4th row and column will be 0.

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Get a hold of reflector so you can see how the Xna framework does it...

public static Matrix CreateFromAxisAngle(Vector3 axis, float angle)
    Matrix matrix;
    float x = axis.X;
    float y = axis.Y;
    float z = axis.Z;
    float num2 = (float) Math.Sin((double) angle);
    float num = (float) Math.Cos((double) angle);
    float num11 = x * x;
    float num10 = y * y;
    float num9 = z * z;
    float num8 = x * y;
    float num7 = x * z;
    float num6 = y * z;
    matrix.M11 = num11 + (num * (1f - num11));
    matrix.M12 = (num8 - (num * num8)) + (num2 * z);
    matrix.M13 = (num7 - (num * num7)) - (num2 * y);
    matrix.M14 = 0f;
    matrix.M21 = (num8 - (num * num8)) - (num2 * z);
    matrix.M22 = num10 + (num * (1f - num10));
    matrix.M23 = (num6 - (num * num6)) + (num2 * x);
    matrix.M24 = 0f;
    matrix.M31 = (num7 - (num * num7)) + (num2 * y);
    matrix.M32 = (num6 - (num * num6)) - (num2 * x);
    matrix.M33 = num9 + (num * (1f - num9));
    matrix.M34 = 0f;
    matrix.M41 = 0f;
    matrix.M42 = 0f;
    matrix.M43 = 0f;
    matrix.M44 = 1f;
    return matrix;

Don't forget this depends on the axis parameter being unit length.

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