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My loading Multiple mesh function is crashing

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I want to create mesh functional that can load meshs easy with just calling the same functions over and over,this seems to be crashing and i dont know why :(


Struct and Array

struct Mesh
std::vector<IDirect3DTexture9*> m_textures;
std::vector<Mtrl> mMtrl;
D3DMATERIAL9 m_white;
Mesh meshs[2];


void LoadXFile(
const std::string& filename, 
LPD3DXMESH &m_pMesh,
std::vector<Mtrl>& mtrls, 
std::vector<IDirect3DTexture9*>& texs)
// Step 1: Load the .x file from file into a system memory mesh.
ID3DXMesh* meshSys = 0;
ID3DXBuffer* adjBuffer = 0;
ID3DXBuffer* mtrlBuffer = 0;
DWORD numMtrls = 0;
D3DXLoadMeshFromX(filename.c_str(), D3DXMESH_SYSTEMMEM, pd3dDevice,
&adjBuffer, &mtrlBuffer, 0, &numMtrls, &m_pMesh);
if(m_pMesh != NULL)
// MessageBox(NULL,"Mesh[0] OK","",0);
if( mtrlBuffer != 0 && numMtrls != 0 )
D3DXMATERIAL* d3dxmtrls = (D3DXMATERIAL*)mtrlBuffer->GetBufferPointer();
for(DWORD i = 0; i < numMtrls; ++i)
// Save the ith material. Note that the MatD3D property does not have an ambient
// value set when its loaded, so just set it to the diffuse value.
Mtrl m;
m.ambient = d3dxmtrls[i].MatD3D.Diffuse;
m.diffuse = d3dxmtrls[i].MatD3D.Diffuse;
m.spec = d3dxmtrls[i].MatD3D.Specular;
m.specPower = d3dxmtrls[i].MatD3D.Power;
mtrls.push_back( m );
// Check if the ith material has an associative texture
if( d3dxmtrls[i].pTextureFilename != 0 )
// Yes, load the texture for the ith subset
IDirect3DTexture9* tex = 0;
char* texFN = d3dxmtrls[i].pTextureFilename;
D3DXCreateTextureFromFile(pd3dDevice, texFN, &tex);
// Save the loaded texture
texs.push_back( tex );
// No texture for the ith subset
texs.push_back( 0 );
//ReleaseCOM(mtrlBuffer); // done w/ buffer


void RenderMesh(LPD3DXMESH m_pMesh,D3DXMATRIX World,std::vector<IDirect3DTexture9*> mTex,std::vector<Mtrl> mMtrl)
pd3dDevice->SetTransform( D3DTS_WORLD, &World );
for(int j = 0; j < mMtrl.size(); ++j)
if(mTex[j] != 0)
pd3dDevice->SetTexture(0, mTex[j]);


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Can you be more specific about what is crashing?  What error message do you get?  It will be very difficult to help if you don't give any information about what you are seeing...

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