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Opencollada DAE file export hell in 3D Studio Max

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avithohol    106

Dear All,


i just try to find some people who understands my struggle in the hell of collada exporters smile.png


In nutshell:

I wish to export my scenes from 3D Studio Max into to DAE (collada) files.


Test scene (very simple example):

-1 box mesh

-1 box mesh instance from the previous mesh

Simple diffuse texture applied to the box.




Why do i want DAE files?


DAE (collada) files are exactly what i need, because besides the regular features (geometry data,materials,lights)

in regular file formats (*.obj,*.ase,*.3ds) DAE supports geometry instancing.


It is also a standard and supported by many artist programs (Max,Maya,Blender),

so well, you would expect that different vendors implement their exporters to produce the same result.





Lets use it!


Suddenly reality touched me, and had to swallow that Autodesk 3d Max built in DAE exporter simply 

does not give a damn about geometry instancing. It simply makes copies of the instaced meshes.


Well lets use Opencollada plugin in 3d Max!


Installed it flawlessly, then i do the export, instancing works! Great success!

But realizing that despite the fact i have asked the exporter to export the diffuse image names,

it does not include them in the produced DAE file. It can just export simple materials.


Lets check in Blender!


Of course, Blender does the job done as it should.

Out of the box, no plugins, just simply does the job.




The thing is i have to use 3D Studio Max.

What other ways do we have to export to DAE file from Max,

without issues above?


Thank you for Your time!

















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avithohol    106

I don't know about max, but I solved some of my COLLADA issues in Autodesk Softimage (XSI) by downloading and installing the latest version of Autodesk Crosswalk, and using it's exporter.


Thank you Hodgman, i will try to find a trial of this and check what it can do.


Hopefully there is smooth transiation between max and XSI, so i can use XSI as an exporter.




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