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Web Collaboration Recommendations for an Indie Team?

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hpdvs2    1017

I have a team that is working on a City Builder game.  We are finding our current choices in collaboration tools are not very effective.  We have right now, but when you click to reply, it starts a new page, without the original content to reply to any more, among other issues.


I'm looking for a good set of services (different sites are fine, a combined services would be great) and hoping for recommendations for the following:  (free is great, but not required)


Private Forum, easy to use.

Private Wiki, easy to use

Private Image Share/management.

Private File Repository - Presently pretty happy with TFS though, but if it links into the WIKI or Forum, that would be great.

Also considering alternatives to Skype.  Since Microsoft took them over, they've dropped their plugin system and some of the features on windows.  a replacement for that might be nice too.



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yaio    771

Hi, you could consider Redmine or TikiWiki (there are services which provide hosted versions of these tools if you don't want to install them on your server), they give what you need. I'm using Vyew in place of Skype for online meetings; I think it's very complete. smile.png

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mkilbo    101

Hi - 


My company has created a tool for web collaboration - Conceptboard - which allows you to share and discuss images/designs with your team. We have plans starting at free, with paid plans for more advanced features. At its core, Conceptboard is a flexible whiteboard tool but has additional options such as chat, comment, mark tasks, etc so you can discuss a project you are working on within the context of the project itself. For the needs you described, it could be used a combination between private image share and private forum. website is

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