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arbitrary big integer divisions

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Some time ago I wonder how i would write some small library for arbitrary-big integer arithmetics 


probably it would be proper to store such arbitrary big number as a vector of unsigned integers


addition would be simple, substraction would be simpe, multiplication probably could be done through some matrix-like-result multiplications and than sum up things (am i right?) 


but what with division - can it calculated in some way close to such multiplication-result-matrix i write above? how could be such division done?

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You would do binary long division. You need to use unsigned numbers since you can't 2's complement an arbitrarily large number... just follow the usual rules for negatives (i.e. -/- = +, +/+ = +, -/+ = -, +/- = -) once you do the unsigned version.



Integer division (unsigned) with remainder

The following algorithm, the binary version of the famous long division, will divide N by D, placing the quotient in Q and the remainder in R. All values are treated as unsigned integers.[citation needed]]]

if D == 0 then throw DivisionByZeroException end
Q := 0                 initialize quotient and remainder to zero
R := 0                     
for i = n-1...0 do     where n is number of bits
  R := R << 1          left-shift R by 1 bit    
  R(0) := N(i)         set the least-significant bit of R equal to bit i of the numerator
  if R >= D then
    R = R - D               
    Q(i) := 1

You can do binary long multiplication for multiplying as well... although there are better algorithms for very large numbers of bits.

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You would do binary long division. You need to use 


Much Tnx, I didn't know about this. I will take my time tu munch (crunch/digest) it..

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