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Gridia: a persistent morpg (but mostly, hello! I'm new here. come say hi)

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Hello, my name is Connor (but you can call me Hoten), and I joined this forum with the desire to connect with other indie game developers. I myself am by no means an indie, but I am aspiring to be one. I registered for my own domain a couple of months ago, and began blogging some gamedev related things, but I don't really have an audience...hehe. I'll be starting my second year of college soon, and figured hey, it's never too soon to start getting myself out here. So I started to throw together a github...


Just a small aside:



(old pic. I've cleaned up the all the eye sores you may have noticed)


The past few weeks I've been teaching myself git and filling up my github with some of my presentable projects. Most recently I just finished up making a custom magic trading card game client for a forum community I frequent. The guy who runs the place there started to create custom cards themed to the community, and approached me to create an app that would let them play it. I tackled it by extrapolating the socket handler I used for Gridia (Serving-Java), and creating a client-server model in as3-java. To simplify things (and save my sanity), I decided to leave all the logic to the players. In other word, the app is just like playing a game of magic IRL: you gotta know and follow the rules. Unfortunately it is impossible to check out the app yourself if you are not a forum user of this community and in possession of the trading cards. But soon I'll have footage of the app from some people who like to stream games.


So that little 2 week project 1) got me to learn git and 2) got me some cool stuff on my github


Just a tidbit about my big pet project:


Gridia is a persistent mmorpg and...well honestly I just came back to developing the game after a month or so long break, so I'm not in the right mind set to talk about it atm, so I'll just link to this blog post introducing it.


Here's a cool pic of a house I built




A pic showing off new user interface stuff




And here is an old (read: OLD!) standalone single player demo of the game. Just to give a rough idea smile.png




I'd like to get involved in a community that revolves around game development. I hope I've come to the right place


Also, I'm looking to do the next ludum dare coming up, may be doing it with an artistic friend but he may drop out, if he does I'll just do it solo. Is anyone here gonna be doing it?

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