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Shadow Mapping Issue.

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Bit of a tricky issue to describe without experiencing it in-game so please bare with me.


Got a directional light shadow map for my level (orthographic projection). I had everything working perfectly, including (cos I'm being a perfectionist) shadows being cast on the character models (I realise not all games bother with this). However, I then had to change the main character model and it seems to have ruined the shadowing. Nothing else has been changed at all, the new character model works exactly the same as the old so I assumed the shadows would be projected the same. 


What I'm seeing instead is that they look like they've shrunk. So if the character runs under a tree, you can see a smaller version of the tree shadow being cast onto the character (but doesn't cover it as it should).

I've played around with a few of the variables and still don't have a clue what's happening (I assume it's gotta be with the projected shadow coordinates but it can't be the lights view projection because that's working fine for all of the static models)


I would've uploaded a pic but I don't think it'll help, you need to play around with it to see what's happening. Please help!!!


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