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Paradigm Shifter

Annoying ad - with speech!

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I clicked on one of the "go to forum" links at the bottom of the thread.


Twice now I've had an annoying "Dear visitor" ad open a new tab asking me to complete a survey, with speech as well, which makes it doubly annoying.


I don't want to do a survey that opens new tabs in my browser and speaks, please get rid.


I also seem to have an issue with posting new threads (and looking at PMs) in that it seems to hang the browser in a "loading" loop for so long I have to cancel the page load and try it again by refreshing... I can't be the only one with this issue? I'm using Firefox. EDIT: I've had this issue for a while though, not just since I got this annoying ad.


EDIT: Hmm, it appears to be something to do with a plugin called "Webcake ads" which installed itself when I installed open office, it is underlining a lot of words in posts which presumably take me to other ads. I'll disable that right away!

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I removed the plugin from Firefox and uninstalled Webcake from control panel, maybe that will prevent it annoying me in future. I'm always suspicious of uninstallers for adware written by the adware bastards themselves ;)


I might try going back to Chrome, Firefox gets on my tits but I had issues with unreadable fonts in some Flash windows with Chrome previously which was sorted by changing the browser.


Webcake? Webcack more like!

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