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Mouse hover system in LWJGL

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I am new to LWJGL and I have been busy making a small game to try and get myself better acquainted with the library. I have a small issue though.


I have an ArrayList of Entities.

These Entities all have a parent controller that manages certain variables.


This method works for rendering and movement, but when I try and create a sort of "mouse hover" system for the Entities, it causes issues and doesn't seem to work properly.


This is the code that I currently have to handle 'hover':

(This is performed by the controller which has an ArrayList of Entities)

for (Entity e: entities){
        //isInRegion(regionX1, regionY1, regionX2, regionY2, testX, testY). Returns boolean
	if (isInRegion(e.getX(), e.getY(), e.getX()+e.getWidth(), e.getY()+e.getHeight(), Mouse.getX(), Display.getHeight()-Mouse.getY()))){	

I know that the isInRegion() method works correctly because i've tested it.


What I ideally want to be able to do is draw an ellipse around the currently "hovered" Entity, BUT, not draw a circle over an Entity that isn't selected.


Could anyone tell me how I might achieve this?

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