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Counteract public release(moved to new host)

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TYPE: Retro 3D/2D arcade fantasy RTS/FPS (simplified).




Counteract is a one player fantasy battle game I created for me and few friends. I thought I would release the low-geometry version to the general public for others who like these types of games(Though, some may like it while others may not).


Some key features of Counteract are:


*simple real-time-strategy of domination.

*battle system catered to a VS. POV.

*use of game cards + extra cards purchased in store.

*trials to influence the outcome of a campaign.

*simple attribute system to build on.

*interactive pieces that influence the game board in further campaigns.

*+ more


-Please note that the low-geometry version was intentionally scaled down in animation and effects to meet the requirements of low-end machines. Though, it does not meet them all I tried to meet most. As this project was started about two and a half years ago and so much has changed since then. Please read the documentation included with game to learn more about the game and how to play it.


Game documentation link:



Game Download link(old one was mediafire):



Counteract pictures:






Small preview video:


*Counteract's documentation really gives the layout and premise behind the game.


*NOTE TO ADMINISTRATION: I have moved Counteract to a different host. Since the original post was over 60 days old. I simply did what was suggested to do by your site. If there is any inconvienence then let me know what to do.  Thank you.

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