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The Week of Awesome: Unofficial GDNet Competition

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The fuc.


I wish I were unemployed again so I could dedicate full time for this competition, but can't make an entry. The posted ones look awesome, so one eye is crying and the other is laughing. The third is itching at the moment because of this cursed allergy.

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My game is titled "#DOLO: Dinosaurs only live once"


Here is a first screenshot:






Here are two revised screenshots:





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So not much progress since my last update, I've been otherwise busy and progress has been slow, but I've got a few new things done:


  • Granny can now shoot in the direction of the mouse
  • Dino has health, takes damage from shots and will eventually die (by abruptly being replaced a bloodsplat sprite, without any transition at the moment).
  • Granny also has health, and her death is detected but currently nothing happens when she dies.
  • Fixed a few physics bugs and granny can now only jump if she's grounded (no mid-air jumping) - This took way too long to do!


I have a bit of time this evening so hopefully I can pick off at least some of the next few things on my todo:


  • Infinitely auto-generating flooring
  • Auto-spawning dinos.
  • Gameover gamestate
  • Scoring & score-counter

Once those things are done then I actually have the bare minimum requirements for the game, so I'll have a contest entry to submit even if it's really basic. Everything else is just polish: more guns, more dinos, health-bars, highscore table, sprite animation, particle-systems, etc.





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Very nice :)


Since it's about half time I finished up all the menu and done screen, so that the last phase is dedicated to the game itself again. 


I tried to make some not-completely-crap grouping AI, which raised from utterly bullcrap to not a complete failure. Now to get some more stages and challenge in there...

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Team Snuti's Progress Update

We forgot to update yesterday due to a hectic schedule but here is a little update of the last two days.
This morning, we changed our view on the look of the game and chose to not make the game in the pixel style but instead use a mix of drawings and pixel art. This actually improved our workflow and work is progressing steadily. 
Most of our art assets and game mechanics are complete. A lot more work to go but here is just a break down of two days work:
  • Movement system
  • Interaction system with NPC's and talking
  • Item pick up and inventory system
  • Door system / Teleportation
  • Start of the music
  • Background art for 4 different areas complete
  • First sequence of the game complete
We are roughly more than half way through but we still have to implement the rest of the story, finish the music and finalise adding assets into the game and a few special scripted events.
Below are some screenshots of the areas and the characters.

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I finished my game today, because of Ludum Dare.

Two features are missing for now, but I intend to implement them after next Monday.

I liked what I did.


Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t96ue0jshzi46p2/Extract_Dinorace.exe (Windows only)




Love it ... the races are AWESOME!


blunders, close calls (phew)



... some surprises. Nice.



Awww, a limit



Guess it is a little too rewarding.


The amount you get should probably be related to the ratio (why would anybody bet on an underdog) and GoneWithTheWindSaur is a little OP ... there were a few unpleasant surprises though.


My experience: GoneWithTheWindSaur > Barney > Godzilla > Rex > LightningSaur = Road Runner in most cases.

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Got some time to post an update on where I am from last nights progress + bits here and there from today. It's finally looking more like a game:




Dinos spawn periodically from both sides - At the moment it's a fixed 5-second frequency so I still need to balance the spawn rate and it needs to get more rapid as Granny progresses.


The terrain is now infinitely generating and granny can only progress towards the right. I've even been a good citizen and cleaned up the resources once they get clipped off the left hand side. Although since the dinos spawn off-screen they do need some kind of ground to land on so there is actually an entry-ramp created for them. Preventing granny from travelling left-wards is done just by adding a large invisible wall to the left; it'll only block granny, the dinos can pass straight through.


I seem to have fixed all my physics related bugs. I had to change to using smooth capsules for granny & the dinos because box2d is not happy to let squares (characters) slide over sequences of squares (the terrain). I gather box2d supports the notion of edge-shapes with "ghost vertices" to support this use-case and I actually wasted some time going off in that direction but it turns out libgdx doesn't currently support the ghost-vertices on edge-shapes, which is a crying shame.


I also had an occasional crash which I worked out through trial-and-error occurred because I was multiply destroying box2d bodies when a bullet collided with >1 dinosaur at once. Since the problem would emanate from within box2d (which is native code wrapped in JNI) it would just completely topple the JVM, seemingly with no exception details or anything - I don't know if there's a good way to handle or debug this kind of thing in general?


You'll also spot I have font-rendering (not my font though but I'll ship the license - free for personal and commercial use). The score calculation is currently just: distance + 10*kills. That probably won't do, better to promote right-ward travel and have the dinos be a hindrance to that so maybe it should be: 10*distance+kills. I'll have to think a bit more on that one.


One final thing to do before the game is bare-minimally complete and that's to handle game-over. After that I'll look at adding soundFX, music and better visuals.

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Since weekend is LD time for me too here's my game. I might be able to squeeze some more stages in, currently it's seven of them.


Drive the human herd to the designated spot by scaring or roaring at them. Avoid them being killed by all the dangerous things about.

Default controls are keyboard and left control, can be remapped.


The download got a bit huge for all the music (ca. 10 MB), sorry about that!





Get it here: http://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/files/Human Roundup.zip


System requirements: Windows, DX8. It should work on pre XP too, but couldn't test that.


If you're stuck (the cliff level is hard!) press N to skip to the next level.


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Team Snuti's Progress Update


Today, we've completed and integrated most of the soundtrack and sounds into the game. Also, we have finished a large portion of the art and fixed up a few issues from yesterday. 


This evening, we're focusing on getting the inventory system up and running and adding a few more assets into the game. Unfortunately, tomorrow we will be away for a day in London so we won't be able to do much on the game. 


Here is a brief clip of the game play so far:




The game is taking shape smile.png


We are updating every day on our blog. Check it out: http://blog.snuti.net


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Dino Road Trip is done!


It is a simple driving game, where the goal is to smash up cars with your tail and gobble up pedestrians.

Hitting people will not hurt you, but eating them will give you "boost". With a full boost meter, you can go on a rampage, to rack up the points without getting hurt!

Here's the link:



It requires windows and java to run.


Some screenshots:


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Just a quick update because sleep beckons me.


I've implemented a simple animation system, currently just applied to the legs of granny and the dinosaurs, so now they appear to actually walk. It's only a simple sine-wave interpolation on a loop parameterised by either time (for the dinos) or distance-travelled (for granny). It really brings the characters to life a lot more than animation-less sprites sliding around the place.


I now have support for a finite-state machine of game-states. So far I've added two new states: A start screen and a game-over screen (the latter of which may eventually show high-scores if I have time to do that, which is why I've left it so basic looking for the moment). Hopefully I'll be able to use the system to also display in-game help and to convey the storyline.


Screenshots as follows:






This also represents a milestone because I have now the full life-cycle of a game: start, play, win/lose & restart. (Although an absolute win is unobtainable since the game never ends). So I actually have a viable entry off the ground!


The game isn't very fun however, not yet anyway, because it's far too easy which is not surprising: unlimited ammo with rapid fire and slow moving, slow spawning dinosaurs. But I can now focus on making things more interesting. I've been able to free up some more time this weekend too.


BTW, I'm completely blown away by Ecker's video!

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Still needs a lot of polish between tonight and tomorrow, as well as a few more maps to play and transitional tweaks, but if anyone wants to test out my latest web build of Hobos of Pangea, it can be found Here.


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It's the end of Day 6 for me and it has been a fairly productive day. Largely spent just applying some small amount of polish.


I have improved the blood system and now have blood-spray when a dinosaur is shot and the spray splats onto the ground when it lands. With enough ammo it's quite fun to just paint the floor red, which reminds me, Granny now has limited ammo and ammo pickups to boot...




I have somewhat improved a case where dinos will pile-up on granny if she isn't shooting them down. Now, instead of over-crowding her causing all kinds of movement issues, they will spring back a bit when they collide with granny. For such a simple change it significantly improves the feel of the game for some reason.


The two major bits of polish are the cutscene system which is used to convey the story at the start and the in-game-help system which takes inspiration from World of Goo and Commander Keen by using a sign-post system to talk to the user. Signposts popup automatically when Granny walks up to them...




I've also managed to weave a leveling system through it all. Leveling-up won't be signaled in any obvious way to the user but rather it's used to drive the balance of gameplay as granny progresses through the world (ammo-drop spawn rate, dino spawn rate, signposts, terrain complexity, etc). I haven't yet spent the time to configure levels, hopefully I'll do that tomorrow before I submit.


Tons of other things I want to do but don't have time to implement them all, here's just some:

  • Configuring levels to balance the gameplay
  • Music & sound
  • Highscore table
  • Background scenery
  • Health pickups
  • Money pickups
  • Other types of dinos
  • Decaying dinosaurs (for zombie dinosaurs they currently look remarkably intact).
  • Other types & styles of weapons/bullets/firing
  • Crosshair/Reticle
  • Less-blocky terrain

I don't have as much time free tomorrow but think I can pick off a couple of those at least.


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Well, my grand scheme isn't going to be able to be done in time... but at least part of it is. I too have church tomorrow, and as such am uploading what I have and will see how much time I get tomorrow. Wish I had seen this before Wednesday, and that my graphics and sound guy hadn't had to leave on Wednesday... I spent way too much time working on some rudimentary graphics after deciding that rectangles were not something that would be good to leave in. :P


And, my internet has almost finished uploading! Executable jar file... if you have java, just double click it and it works.

If you don't have java, you may download it here [http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp].


The actual game may be downloaded from here.[http://butishouldhavegraduated.com/extraFile/DinoTamer.jar]

I figure that I may as well do something with the website... though I may just draw more comics by hand now that I see how much easier it is from putting together this game.




If I hadn't had to do art myself and had seen it sooner, I would have better art for one thing. :P


Also, each dino would have had to be tamed differently with some simple mini games... and I would have put riding in... and some platforming... may still swap it to platformer instead, but wanted to do something with the tamed dino. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Then could eventually expand it to a world. 


I have to say, at the moment it is fairly lame, but if I have time I will tweak it tomorrow, add in more sound effects, maybe a better background.

Fix the graphics so you can see the players better when there are a lot of dinos...

Ah well, hope someone has some fun with it anyway.


Just happy that I was able to figure out the component entity system. :)

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