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The Iron is Roaring: Death Speed: Crazy City

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Death Speed: Crazy City simultaneously comes online at THREE platforms---iTunes, Google, and Amazon! To this game, whether its game instruction on platform or the real situation after playing, it gives people a feeling “wow, it’s so amazing!” Admittedly, we have to acclaim that 3D game with the volume of 50M achieves excellent image quality and game result.



n fact, this game has added shooting element based on mainstream racing game. I say it is mainstream because it contains elements of those public racing games, such as collecting coins, nitrogen accelerating, avoiding, designing barricades. I will not comment these common things. Let’s talk about shooting element, each racing car appears with the model of chariot and Gattling in the wheel to attack other NPC cars. Some of these NPC cars are also chariots, and some of them can release bombs and other tools, so from the perspective of game content, it is rich. In addition, the fighting scenes in the game as well as after killing a goal in the first time, it appears a voice “ First Blood”, I has been shocked by this point.

There are six kinds of car models in the game. The best one uses Optimus Prime in Transfomers as the model, when I first saw it, I was thunderstruck. The game has hardened system, and every racing car has four properties to be improved: life, handling, nitr time and firepower. What’s more, there are achievement systems loved by players in the game. Unlocked chariots need lots of gold coins, and achievements are one of the important economic sources.


As to control of game, there are two kinds: one is direct gravity sensor, and the other is to use virtual steeling wheel to control. I really like form of control of virtual steeling wheel, because it gives people a more realistic feeling. It is worthy to mention that in the game, you need to use brake button and missile firing in a proper way, which will attack other goals with high proficiency. The game has rich scene changes. It will suddenly appear curves and cliffs to give players a helter skelter. Personally, the frequency of curve is not enough. I feel pity that when passing curves, once sliding the screen, the car will turn away directly. If it can achieve drifting turn, its effect will be greatly improved.

It’s worth mentioning that slot machine appears in the game, which is used for opening box. The box can be obtained from the game, or bought from store. You have a chance to open two tools---wheel and engine which are very important, because if you want to open last two chariots, you still need these two tools besides gold coins. I make a rough estimate that to open last two chariots will need great deal of costs.


One more point, might it be better if dynamic racing car pictures of game cover can better reflect intense and simulative speed killing? Generally speaking, this game is exciting, intense and can bring people into an intense powersuit atmosphere in the process of playing.


You can download it from:


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