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MMO concept (theoretical) Feedback needed.

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Hello everyone and thanks for reading!.


So, I thought of a game concept for an MMO and I want to present it to you.


-It's a match styled game , COD like game modes.

-The players are santa helpers(goblins) but gone mad and killing each other.

-The game has an interactive enviroment ( example: if you have a tall goblin you can jump higher but if you are short you can make small doors/gates in the level to hide or ambush).

-The items are crafted at the start of the match by selecting a combination of elements and powers (and the type of the weapon)

-It has vehicles too ( in a neutral spot in the level)

-Levels : I was thinking of the goblin workshop,santa's office,candyland,frozen lake etc)




ELEMENTS    PRODUCTION  WEAPONS                                                       POWERS(you can have 3 of them with a cooldown)  VEHICLES

Fire                Mechanical       Guns                                                                Hyper jump                                                                 Toy cars ( with artillery, one seat)

Water             Magical             Grenades                                                        Sprint                                                                          Toy ships(cannons working,multi seat

Ice                                           Swords                                                            Shield                                                                          Toy train(for transportation)

Smoke                                    Hammers                                                          Health regeneration

Plants                                     Axes                                                                 Invisibility(you cannot hit)

Air                                          Wands                                                              Anger ( power boost)

Electricity                               Toys and tricks(for example a jester box)         Evil call ( demon pets for a while)

Magnetism                             Thrown weapons                                              Divine call ( divine pets/angels for a while)




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Well, you have an idea. Santa helpers killing each other, why not? You could come up with a fresh interpretation of how elves look and what they wear.


Maybe you need to refine and compress the idea a bit more as some of that seems pretty random like devil and angel pets, evil/divine/magnetism elements.


This kind of lighter themes usually aren't top picks for MMOs where you want the player to build and improve their character/group over a long time period. It sounds more like fun casual game for mobile or PC. Especially if this is your first game project I suggest you don't try to make it an MMO because that is too big and you will most likely never get the huge amount of work required for basic networking alone done. This kind of gameplay could be feasible project in 2D and shared screen / keyboard multiplayer setting.


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Something about taking a toy initially made for some poor child who deserves it - and potentially killing someone with it - makes me smile a little.


I can even visualise myself charging in the front lines on a 3 year olds tricycle wielding a fuzzy hammer and an apron with the writing "I love you" embroided on.


Although, this idea doesn't seem much of an MMO - but rather an arena-based game (Maybe a minigame for the MMO?)

I personally believe the more diverse a game is (in terms with personal powers, craftables etc), the better. Having a 'Santas workshop' definitely pleases me.


>> Slave Sana forced to create cute toys by the evil elves

>> Sana and the other seasonal characters betting over who wins the arena


So many ideas. Whilst I really don't want to flame, all I can say is that this may have potential.


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Seeing 'santa helpers'  shouldnt all the objects/actions/terrain  have the christmassy theme to them  (plus a wider international variations you can also draw on)


Jousting on reindeer, trying to impale each othe with chistmas trees, electrocution traps using xmas lights,  cookies and milk as rations and candycanes as power boosts, snoballs , snowmen golems, typical toys used in ungentle ways etc etc etc...


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