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Nicholas Kong

Implementing Galaga AI sophiscated movement

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Galaga has some really sophiscated movement in their AI and I want to incorporate that same type of movement or similar to it and replace the movement code I had for my Alien monster from the arcade shooter game I have been working on for several months. This is to spice up the presentation of my game.


My monster AI seems to be the feature lacking at the moment: The Alien moves up and down constanly but will generate a random number to dictate whether it should bounces around like a ball in the PONG game.


Several questions I have:


Should I work on Tetris before doing more advanced AI like this one?


What game projects should I do before an advanced version of AI?


I need guidance on the AI. I have no idea how the Galaga team pulled it off.


Movement is displayed at 0:23 =]






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