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false TOC for Game Programming Gems 2

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I find myself confused by the false TOC (usually attributed to GPG2, circulating around the web):

Game Programming Gems 2
Algebraic Techniques
Trigonometry and Geometry
Linear Algebra
Matrix and Vector Operations
Advanced Mathematics
Ray/ Polygon/Polyhedra Instersection Algorithms
Handling Large Amounts of Polygonal Data
Triangle Stripification and Fanning Algorithms
Using 2D and 3D Billboards
LIGHTING: Multi-texturing to Achieve Lighting Effects
Shadow Algorithms
Using Simple Radiosity
Projected Texture Lights
Using Texture Matrices
Bump Mapping
Cubic Environment Mapping
Procedural Textural Mapping
DYNAMIC POLYGON CONTROL: Parametric Curves and Surfaces
Subdivision Surfaces
Multi-resolution Meshes
Spatial Partitioning Schemes
Camera Techniques/ Movement Techniques
Graphic Effects
How to do Lens Flares
Weather Techniques
Sky Domes
Effective Clouds and Fog
Aliasing Effects (Anti-Aliasing
Motion Blur
Teleport Portals
Particle Systems
Inverse Kinematics
Blending Keyframed Animations
Solid Skinning vs.Hierarchical Skeletons
Using Motion Capture Data
Artificial Intelligence
Finite State Machines
Heuristic Tree Searches
Flocking and Crowding Behavior
Path Planning and the A*Algorithm
Music and Sound Effects
Blending Phrases in Interactive Music
Dynamic Audio Generation
Simulating a 3D Sound-Effect Environment
Using Music Cues to Initiate Game Events
Networked Play
Minimizing Latency in the Network Pipeline
Dead Reckoning Algorithms
Client/Server Design
Encryption Techniques.
You can see it here:





But the TOC does not correspond to reality:




Does a document corresponding to the "false" TOC actually exist? What is the answer to this mystery?

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The Google books link you posted looks like it's from another edition (possibly a non-US edition, given the language in the link?). The cover of the Google books link has the Arabic numeral (2), while the Amazon results I found all have the Roman numeral (II). Differences between editions is one possible explanation, though I was unable to see the TOC in the Amazon listings.


Where have you found the "false" TOC? A disembodied quote with no attribution, "circulating around the web" and supposedly "usually attributed GPG2" is no guide. Why are you searching for a book with this particular TOC? Are you sure it's not another GPG book?

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I'd love to buy a book with such a TOC, however I am starting to suspect that this TOC is imaginary, a "false" TOC, belonging to no book. The google TOC is correct, while the top 3 links all feature the "false" TOC. I'd like to solve the mystery, if someone can help me point to it.

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Well, I'm stumped. Maybe you could try contacting the owner of the asawicki site, or naturewizard? They might have better information, since they both posted the quoted ToC.


The Gems books (at least the early ones) seem to be too old to have scans of their contents in various editions, so googling leaves us stuck with the second-hand transcriptions of random internet users. It seems odd to me that searching for exact phrasings of some of the more distinctive article titles only brings up the same few identical transcriptions.

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Indeed, it is very cryptic and the ToC is highly seductive. I wonder why the disinformation is so widely spread. What were these people thinking? I hope someone knows.

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The different book covers do seem weird. The specific book cover you are looking for is the one on Amazon here.

Someone even mentions the exact same table of contents in a UK Amazon.com comment here.


I wonder if the Amazon title is significant? "Game Programming Gems 2 (Game Programming Gems Series) (Vol 2)"


Is the book Game Programming Gems 2? Or is it Game Programming Gems 2 - Volume 2? That might explain the discrepancies.

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This is what I thought, but I have a book with exactly the same cover, but the TOC is not the one from the comment. I wonder why people keep writing down the false TOC.

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