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OpenGL How to texture and light my 3D maze world?

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I've included a screenshot of the game I am working, right now all the walls are just grey flat shaded so it looks awful. I need to make it look really interesting so that it's nice to be inside for a long time as well as easier to tell what geometry there is visually.


What techniques can I use to texture and light a world like this though? I first downloaded a bunch of square tiling images from a game art site but I realized they only tile a plane and you would get seams across corners: Would the solution to this be using procedurally generated 3D textures? How could I learn to do that and find out whether it can run on my low end computer?


I also don't know the correct way to do lighting, I think I would have mostly a lot of static lamps but I will also need a small number of lights that can be moved around. I have heard about multitexturing and know some games (like quake3) do precalcuation, so that may be an option but there are such a huge number of walls in a maze I worry that precalculation would take a long time and generate a huge amount of data.


I am using OpenGL and SDL in C by the way, it's my first 3D game and I got really stuck at this point since I don't have experience with 3D graphics programming before so it's difficult to tell which ideas are practical.


Any general resources or rough outlines about how I should handle this would be very valuable, thanks a lot.



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I also advise the Nehe opengl tutorials, you can google them.

As an answer to your question, I wouldn't think to complex right away (i.e multitexturing etc). My advice would be to take it step by step. Possibly:
- learn loading 1 texture and render your walls with it
- make 1 directional light and let it work, play around with it's color, direction, intensity

This should give you a reasonably good looking scene, a good base to continue on and also not toc much demanding for your pc

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