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glOrtho() ???

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I''m on the stage of implementing a Menu system in my "Sparetime-project". I''ve planned to have a "Title-screen" menu where the user can choose settings and new game, Thus, simple 2D works perfectly! Is there any way to just swap to Ortho mode during a function and display a set of bitmaps? Some src is appreciated!

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You can always write directly to the OGL buffer, but it''s slow as hell.... only good way is to use textured squares.....


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I think you should do something like:

// Make sure we''re working with the projection matrix.

// Save the current (presumeably perspective) matrix.

// Set up the orthogonal projection.

... /* Do menu stuff */
// Go back to the previous matrix.


You may have to do something to the modelview matrix, as well. I''m not sure what, since I haven''t tried this yet.

According to the OpenGL standard, you can only be sure of having 2 entries on the projection matrix stack. That means that you couldn''t recursively use glPushMatrix each time you drew a submenu, for example. You''d have to keep track of whether or not you were in a submenu, and not push/pop if it was.


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