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AngelScript 2.26/27 mine broken code

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From some time , the console in OpenDungeons GPL game , development branch does not work at all , the bug seems to be in

            "void executeConsoleCommand(string &in, string[] &in)"));

And especially :

            "void executeConsoleCommand(string &in, string[] &in)")



seeems to return NULL value. Althought function is "void executeConsoleCommand(string &in, string[] &in)" is defined in proper *.as file .

Here's repo : . Scripts are in script dir, source is in source dir ;) .


Is there any way I can check whether my code is syntax valid without running the AS c++ machine ? ( I mean cmd line tool ) . IF it;s too simple , I am sorry , but I don't have time for another position for another subystem maintainer. ( Hey , any dude with AS knowledge would be welcome in OD team ) .


EDIT : Err wait I have compile time errors in ;)

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Sounds like you're missing some error handling in your code. There is no use trying to execute scripts if the compilation failed.


I took a quick look at the ASWrapper.cpp in your svn and I see you're ignoring the return code from builder->BuildModule(). If this return code is negative it means the compilation failed, and you should probably show popup message to the user or something similar in this case.




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