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MathMaze! OST

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We have made the OST for a game that is going to be very soon in google play. It's a math game were you have to solve mini puzzles to get to the end of a labyrynth.


I would really like to have your opinion of it and also I hope you enjoy it!

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All together it sounds pretty good smile.png


A few things I noticed were:

  • The Pizzicato strings at the start sounded like they were all at the same velocity. It really makes a difference when you change it up a bit. this is a tutorial which I've been making. It's not quite ready yet but I hope it helps.
  • I thought the piece lacked a bit in dynamics as well. Perhaps you could have a section which is quieter or louder?
  • All in all I thought it was a great composition but that it was the production which has let you down a bit - just keep working on it and polishing it.


EDIT: I thought you made great instrument choices for the different sections they really worked well together.


- Caleb

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Thanks for taking the time for listening!


At first I was a little surprised with your comment about the pizzicatos in the first part, but after reading your tutorial, I understand what you meant. I recorded nearly everything of the piece using a keyboard so the velocity is unique for every part and note. Maybe when recording I should have done a little bit more emphasis.


About the second point, also surprises me, I thought there were dynamics. I didnt want to put a limiter or compressor to keep the dynamic range as it was. Which parts would you do a little bit quiter or louder?


I agree with you that the production is what could be much better, but unfortunately I still have a lot to learn and somehow I need to develop this instinct for production and mixing and editing much more


I'm happy that you liked it!

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