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Setting up DXUT.lib

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So, I've been reading Game Coding Complete 4th edition for a while, and I decided to take a crack at actually starting to code it for myself. I started by looking at the source code for the initialization sequence, found here.


Right now I'm just trying to set up some of the pragma comments. For now I'm going to ignore the bullet stuff and just focus on getting the framework down. At the moment I have this:

#pragma comment(lib, "shell32.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "advapi32.lib")

#pragma comment(lib, "DXUT.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "dxutopt.lib")

When I try to build this, I get an error saying that DXUT.lib can't be found. I looked around and I saw that I had to build it myself, so I built it and got an object file library and a bunch of other things, which I tried moving to a /lib folder in the project directory. Still didn't work.


The lib folder path is Documents//Visual Studio 2012//Projects//[ProjectName]//lib

I also tried putting the lib folder in //[ProjectName]//[ProjectName], but that didn't work either.


I have an inherited library path of $(VCInstallDir)lib, am I putting it in the right place? If so, do I need to do something special with DXUT?

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Maybe I am wrong, but DXUT is a pure C++ code and a program can not be linked against it.

You would include a few files to your project from DirectX SDK.

For Windows 8 projects DXUT could be less usefulf because of new Windows SDK constraints.

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