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Sharpening Visual Memory

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Piter3    201



Have you got some exercises for sharpening visual memory?

I'm currently learn how to draw, it's good but when it comes to draw from imagination I have problems.


I read some tutorials but nothing except method to sketch from life moving forms like people.

Are there any exercise that can train visual memory?

 I can imagine something but I can't see details of image in my mind. And sometimes when I'm trying to imagine that I'm drawing something in my mind I'm making mistakes in imaginations. That's not good.


That's really makes me demotivated as I can redraw something from life in a good way, keep proportions etc but when it comes to draw from mind - no way.


Will it be a good practice to take a look at something for one minute and then redraw it?

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deftware    1778

One of my favorite hobbies is drawing human forms, when a long time ago I didn't think I could draw at all. I slowly pieced together techniques, and slowly started gaining a sense of anatomy and physiology just by screwing around. Now I'm definitely skilled, but not without lots of practice and over a decade of merely dabbling in it. The biggest key is knowing what something is like, with awareness and understanding of it, and being able to articulate that.


It's like learning to play an instrument, there are no shortcuts, you must learn to 'speak' with the medium.

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szecs    2990

Yup, I don't think that many people has the photographic memory you are describing. You have to understand and learn the particular model you are drawing.

As I learned from artists, drawing something is not about taking a photographs with your brain then draw the outline of the "photos", but about this deep understanding of the subject of the drawing. And that is only the beginning, then comes dynamics. The way you draw lines (thickness, speed, texture, color density) and the ability to perfectly control your lines and the ability to "design" why you draw them the way they are (that'S another layer of "meaning" of a drawing).


Or something like that....


Taking lessons, learning anatomy and drawing a lot is much better than learning to take photos with your brain.

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