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Ronnie Mado Solbakken

Tips on Learning Pixel Art?

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    Hey guys, as a would-be indie developer I've been looking into pixel art and trying to learn how to draw it properly. Now I've already found something interesting here, but I thought I'd ask if any of you could give some awesome advice as to where I should be homing in my research missile?


    Thanks in advance.




Edit: lol one of us should definitely make a game where you literally fire a missile at an enemy to acquire information. happy.png

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Prinz Eugn    4418

I recommend forums for advice and critique, particularly Pixelation and Pixeljoint.


I agree, I would just be careful to emphasize that it's game art since Pixeljoint in particular gets picky about artistic purity (like never using manipulation tools, limited pallets) that are less important for game art, where speed and volume are more important.


Some more links: (I wrote this, so feel free to ask me questions)

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