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Newbie - sorry need clarity on previous post

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I already got a couple of responses and replies (Much Appreciated) but i suppose i need to be more specific



Yes i know many questions and us Newbies tend to try take on to much and fail and then tend to scare ourselves away, 



Lets see i have the following programs Pygame, RPG MAKER VX Ace, Construct 2, Game Maker 8.1 Pro and dont know any of them and cant make up my mind (also looking to browse Unity



Now i have zero experience in game making or programming or graphic design but would like to make a game for my own pleasure, 



and i read the comments and advice like start small - make Mario brothers etc but lets be realistic Mario is more of a platform or level game (like flipping through pages of a book) in the Game Maker i did the project with the apples and bananas etc and you click on them and get score and that is nowhere near Fall Out or something similar, in fact after i completed Game Maker project i felt that i had not really learned anything towards achieving the greater goal 



in a bigger game character/s must run shoot jump etc (yes create scripts and learn programming) but i also know there is more to it than that, you must create your world, your interact-able surroundings, gear objects etc.



i read about PNG files etc and have no idea why cant one use BMP or GIF or JPEG, someone replied to this and i think i was no closer to clarity - i understood it but then i did not lol but i think i have to use PNG (it being the best) or depending on program im using 



I think ok i create a road (rephrase that i look for free/shareware graphics) some buildings etc how do i resize it or the character so the character is not taller than the Empire State Building when u actually run the game 



if i want to change the characters dress code or equip him 

if i want him to show hunger or tiredness etc

if i want to use a vehicle or upgrade or modify vehicle etc e.g u must have tools first before u can modify or fix

explore and enter buildings and terrain 

build shelters or barricades or fences 

build solar power units using various objects etc

joining pipes 



Now As stated i do not know code or how to create it hence the (game creating program) are these programs good enough to do this



and where would one go to get really good looking relaistic graphics such as various weapons EG (men of WAR - Fallout 1 -2 or just tins of food radios car parts etc -- buildings, terrain cities etc

(can one use pictures from books, photo and then scan into photoshop or paint)



as i said clicking on apples for score kinda left me more in the dark  - Mario Bros at this point in time will be a ambitious project (unless very simplistic)



So yes its very ambitious but im looking to start small and simplistic (but not stickman simplistic) and as i progress add to it all the time 






keep in mind on concept of game - game of survival - end world (maybe Zombies, aliens whatever or just end world) day to day survival you must eat rest etc - build what you need salvage go out and get supplies find things, build barricades, traps etc  - world wide electronic will be disable besides for small items eg you wont be able to come in with modern fighter jet or Abrahams tank 



a mixture of (The sims going through a day) hence the hunger and tired meters - carry only so much being realistic as possible then mixed with Men Of War (MOW) Fall Out 1/2) now in FALLOUT i loved the vehicle and its boot i used to collect everything and dump it in my boot, my vehicle could carry the amount of a aircraft carrier LOL in (MOW) i loved collecting the trucks for storage  and all i could find before i finished mission even if i left one enemy soldier alive (took up hours) but then most of the cannon shells etc i could never use and most came to late in the mission for any effective use) would love object graphics like that 



if you take a vehicle and reinforce it & weaponize it you must salvage the tools, parts etc - you need to have petrol to drive etc, you cant find a tank and hook it to tow bar (realism) many of these pics are not seen in games but only in inventories like on the soldier or in the cupboard or storage locker (a weapon in characters hand does not have to be of such detail that it can be identified as a e.g 44 magnum 



if you build a stronghold or base of operations - maybe just empty garage or structure that you reinforce or a whole harbour and ring it with containers etc adding on Solar power - water pumps etc, allocating empty wharehose or building to be garage, storage manufacturing workshop maybe find a abandoned army bunker or base etc if you want to build a structure so be it or if you want to build vehicle etc so be it as long as you got whats needed and ability to do it -- i want to also be able to control other characters i rescue or join me different abilities eg give them a task and off they go so tasks will also be on clock at 6:1 time ratio




earning & increasing you intelligence points, science, strength etc to build or carry more 



entering a building to salvage goods etc - sometimes you will be able to walk in other times it might have to load a whole new level that then shows the inside of that particular dwelling or shop etc with enemies etc



if you have no bullets finding shells heads gunpowder and then making them, cook a meal or open tin and eat etc

maybe later on there will be trading with other characters trading stores etc

yes i realise now that the objects needed are vast but many of the items can be in general package  eg i dont mean bake a cake you need flour milk sugar etc EG making ammo you just need the shells etc in package and it allows you to manufacture the caliber you desire.



yes if you put fridge in corner you will see fridge etc




perhaps i can start as in a small city or town and branch the game out from there by way of scripts or adding more levels, rooms, objects to the original 



game is not turn based or action points but i want it to work on 24 hour clock perhaps a hour will be 10 minutes in real time 








1) - can one use scanned photos or book pictures from history books magazines such as weapons vehicles etc pictures of models scanned or imported into photshop or paint -




2) - and how to keep the ratio so they are the characters and objects same size in the game (do you have to size it in the graphic program)



3) - what format should the pics be and can you take it from a book/magazine picture edit and save it in desired format



4) - this type of game i want to make i believe thats 2D - (top viewer looking down) I MAY BE WRONG CAN it be a  3D GAME TOPSHOOTER or top view RPG (i always get confused)



5) can i start small and add levels, objects quests etc as i go along and get more experienced - maybe also using scripts



MOST IMPORTANT 6) - What program is better suited for this type of project considering i have no experience or abilities (i would love drop and drag (and using my own collected graphics) and also with very basic and nursery school programming - LOL  - eg add this part and that part and couple other and you get a working solar system or pictures and once the parts are in your control it highlights that you can now manufacture under create icon

any enemies put in game will be built in AI controlled and maybe i can tweak or change their behavior etc 




7) - i was advised to use Unity but says i will have to learn a language 



This game is not a commercial project to begin with its my own project for personal enjoyment and to learn and things i feel are lacking in many games to make it a quick profit turning venture


( i mean this in good way) im not to concerned about licenses etc because most thing on net that say they are free and shareware are not always the case & are ripped from other games or programs  - this project is for me alone to enjoy and learn at the same time  - (NOT COMMERCIAL) and i dont have resources to investigate everything i use - if i ever decide to go commercial well then it wont be done by me but a professional team with the recourses and expertise to respect others work or pay royalties to those who deserve it

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No problem. I locked the previous thread so people only respond to this one now. Good luck!

can one use scanned photos or book pictures from history books magazines such as weapons vehicles etc pictures of models scanned or imported into photshop or paint

Not a good idea. You run afoul of others' copyrights if you do that. For more info: http://sloperama.com/advice/faq61.htm

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Cmon you cant run afoul from using a picture from gun catalogue or pictures in history books or models book its not for commercial use, so i assume that pictures scanned can be imported edit and used also remember patent and copyright only have a certain lifespan so unless changes are done to the product etc and the patent renewed then it falls within the public domain -- But with respect i am reading the link referred to - POWER to the informed and the ones willing to learn from others experience :-)

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Cmon you cant run afoul from using a picture from gun catalogue or pictures in history books or models book its not for commercial use

You certainly can if your project is in any way public, and -- unless the copyright holder has specifically stated so -- it doesn't matter at all that your work is non-commercial.


I believe you did however mention that your project was just for you and wouldn't be shared with anyone else.  If that is the case, you will of course be safe simply because no one will know you are infringing, and it's unlikely they would care even if they found out.  If however you plan to distribute the project you risk receiving a cease and desist notice or even being taken to court, even if your project is not for profit.



Putting aside legality however, yes, it is technically possible to do as you describe.  However, it would still take quite a lot of work to then edit the images for consistent quality and styling, to achieve your desired size, to add any effects/details, etc., and you may well be better off learning to make your graphics in a more traditional way, perhaps using your books and catalogues as reference material.


Unless you have your -- or your chosen tool has it's -- own customised file format for images PNG is probably a good choice.  It offers good compression without loss of quality, and is compatible with the vast majority of tools and libraries.  You would not use bitmap because the files are too large, gif because you are quite limited on the number of colours available and because lots of tools and libraries don't support it, and would not use jpeg due to quality problems introduced by the compression algorithm.


You'll need to size your graphics assets appropriately when editing them, although scaling if often also possible at runtime depending on your choice of tools or library.  There's no standard way to do this, but you'll want to pick some particular reference point (to present a random example, say you might decide that an average sized person will be 100 pixels high) and then decide the relative size of all your other assets based on that measurement.

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    jbadams reminds me of the fact that, while the things he says is true, there are some who misunderstand the legality of things, primarily when a given product becomes so generic that it simply cannot be copyrighted. Now, that's a little hard for high-res imagery with tons of unique pixels at unique locations. But if the image is extremely low-res, it can become uncopyrightable. This might not be as relevant in this thread, but I guess I felt like pointing it out nonetheless because I rarely see anyone who discusses this ever bring up the issue of copyrightability.


   Take a flower in Zelda 3 A Link to The Past, for instance. It's literally one 6px rectangle (center) with two 6px rectangles and two 4px rectangles around it. There's only 3 colors. With this kind of simplicity, it's the easiest thing in the world to create your own image from scratch that, unbeknownst to you, someone else has made prior. This is especially true with regards to computer code (where you can type many lines of code that is going to be identical to someone elses, due to the convergence of syntax, and nobody has the "right" to that code), but also vastly different areas such as the music industry, where composers tend to converge on certain riffs and similar. In effect, a given sound tends to be of a minimal length in order to be copyrightable.


    These things said, it's still very important to do your research, so that you don't inadvertently end up creating and using something that someone else can sue you for later. Especially if you've exclicitly used something that isn't yours.

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In effect, a given sound tends to be of a minimal length in order to be copyrightable.

It's a widely believed myth that there's any specific length of music, number of words, etc. to be covered by copyright.  In practice, it's the significance of the portion rather than any specific length that matters.  See #7 on this list of copyright myths provided by the UK Copyright Service or the first item on this list on NOLO.com.  It would of course also need to be distinct and recognisable.  Note I'm not disagreeing with you, but simply clarifying with additional information in case the OPs research leads him towards this myth.



I think the reason all of this is rarely mentioned is because it's almost never actually relevant to this sort of discussion, and because -- much like the often misunderstood concept of Fair Use -- it can mislead a beginner into thinking a particular usage is safe when that may not actually be the case.

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Thanks guys but as i said my game is for myself and to learn as i go along i have also stated if i ever go commercial a professional team would do it and credit, respect & royalties given to those that are due - i believe that a persons hard work should be respected and that person should be rewarded and i dont believe it is right that someone else make profit from others hard work  and gifts. - Having said this does not mean i condemn piracy in its totality because here in South Africa a Playstation or X-box game, Wi-Fi can cost up to R700.00 considering the average salary is only R6000.00 - i believe Sony and others are greedy corporations that pay nothing from struggling creators and artists and prosper from others misfortune - so ripping off greedy Corporations i believe is the duty of every person 


i mean you should see our banks do business in South Africa and fee structures - Monthly fee, ATM fee (more if u use different bank ATM - up to R12), online banking fee, cash handling fee, cash deposit fee, 4% interest on savings account if you lucky but after the fees deducted you then owe them money, lets not discuss our cell phone charges


and now that we have settled the copyright issues even though i have not placed one graphic perhaps someone can send me instruction as to how to install this GameMaker program so i can make my game ------  hehehehehehehehehehehe ----------- only kidding 

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