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Ah Jim Gor

How to develop a very basic game? I don't have any programming knowledge and background

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Dear Citizen,


While I like the theme of the post it is rather cool trying to garner attention by making it an email plea for help.


I started where you are honestly.

Just not with games.

I learned out of necessity.

I learned a lot on YouTube from a guy called "The New Boston" 

Here is his link: http://www.youtube.com/user/thenewboston/videos

I started with Java but most people will tell you to avoid it because its very very in depth.

Not good for beginners but I started with it so I could learn how to code for android. 

Android is likely going to be my platform of choice when it comes to writing games. 

Plus I just ordered the Ouya yesterday with the aspiration to getting a few games out (Visual novel styles) out by mid next year?

Link to Ouya: http://www.ouya.tv/


These are my goals and aspirations.


Well met,


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You can take a look at coursera.org. There are many courses in different categories. Many of them with community interaction and many which give you a certificate if you perform well.


I can also recommend a book about rapid skill acquisition: first20hours.com

It teaches you how to learn something efficiently ... and there are quite a few examples.

One of them is about very simple web programming. The author didn't have any programming experience either and used his approach get started right away.

The problem with the very academic courses is that you are likely to postpone actually programming something. Ideally you should do both.


Fact i have a goal in my mind. I would like to end with a Entertainment Company, come with 3 main department which develop online game (like WOW) , mobile game (something like Angry Bird or Candy Crush) and also mobile apps which targeted social media, business and finance.

"End with" as in

  • you want to be hired by such a company
  • or start a company like that?

Both can be accomplished if you are diligent, motivated and play your cards right.


If you create an open source project and get a lot of fans you can get noticed (and eventually hired).

If you use a lean startup approach (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_Startup) to start a business you might end up with a simple mobile blockbuster game and hire people for the MMO games.


Dear Commander, 


Thank you for all the link, i will take a look on it later on. Talking about the future, it will more likely to start a company like that. I am now having 2 idea of Mobile games, 1 idea of RPG  game and 1 idea of online game. It just an idea, or something that i personally think is cool . Perhaps i will share it out in future, but what i need to do now is enhance every skill that i need to learn. 

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