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Xabier Otano

Line & Circle Intersetcion

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Hi there,

i am having so much troubles finding C++ code that tell me what is the point of intersection of a circle and a line that grows from its center.


I have a circle with center C and a point A  (is given by the touch of a person on the screen)



The line between C-A intersect with the circle in some place in the circle Z, i want to know how to calculate this Z(x,y) and if it possible a c++ solution will be awesome.

Has someone some useful code i can try?

SO many thanks mates


I have reades this web but when i translate the code i got some strange values , dunno why-




As i said the only important point is the one which is isnide the circle AND is between the center C and the touch point A.

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let c = (cx, cy) EDIT: That's the centre of the circle, should have mentioned that huh? lol


let touch point p = (px, py)


vector from c to p = p - c = (px - cx, py - cy), call this r.


intersect point = c + normalize( r ) * radius


You can also use trig, the angle in radians from the centre is atan2(ry, rx) but then you have to use trig again to find intersect point = (cx + radius * cos(angle), cy + radius * sin(angle)).


I'm guessing the mathworld link is for the generic case of line-circle intersection (i.e. line doesn't have to go through the centre so there are 0, 1 or 2 solutions).

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@OP you say that A is outside the circle. Is the always the case? Could the user touch within the circle? What point do you want returned if they do?



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