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Visual Studio 2012 and non-windows platforms in the configuration manager?

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Basically I made a 6 solution configurations - DebugStatic, DebugDLLExport, DebugDLLImport, ReleaseStatic, ReleaseDLLExport, ReleaseDLLImport for static and dll modes for my library I'm writing.The problem is when I started adding solution platforms.I made around 20 of them - for each OS type twice(for x86 and x64) and for different API combinations(my goal is to make the project settings for each platform to create a #define for it's appropriate API and OS to determine what functions are used and what headers are included.The problem is that as much as I change them the project property settings windows only have Win32 and x64 modes in them.I also can't rename Platforms in the configuration manager.I only have Win32 and x64 there and when I click add i can only add ARM.I managed to add new configurations in the configuration manager, but I can't change the default Win32 and x64 ones.How do I get around this problem?


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