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Medo Mex

D3DXSaveMeshHierarchyToFile() Failing

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Whenever I try to save .x file using D3DXSaveMeshHierarchyToFile() it fail and I get the following error message in the output window:

"D3DX: D3DXSaveMeshToXof: Non-zero material count when material and effect array is NULL"


What is going wrong?

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You must be specifying a non-zero material count in at least one of your mesh containers, however the actual array of materials (pMaterials) and effects (pEffects) are NULL (0).


typedef struct D3DXMESHCONTAINER {
  LPSTR                Name;
  D3DXMESHDATA         MeshData;
  LPD3DXMATERIAL       pMaterials;
  DWORD                NumMaterials;
  DWORD                *pAdjacency;
  LPD3DXSKININFO       pSkinInfo;
  D3DXMESHCONTAINER    *pNextMeshContainer;

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