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Fun crossover picture - oldie tools - nothing fancy

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Guess which two games this is a crossover for ???


Most of the work done was using MSPaint.exe  (do they even still have that on Windows 8?)   with a little blur fixing in Photoshop.


I saw the picture in one game and said  Hey I can do all of the letters for the second with minimal block cut-paste and some minor fixing (struts and flare rematching).



Actually I have had an Idea for MMORPG where Players create assets for expanding the game  (submitted to company and heavily vetted).  Tools/plugins (many probably created by players) could greatly ease the task for less able players (a Neon Sign Tool which creates full game assets  for example  -- as Neon was a particularly important visual feature of the genres both of these popular games had)


I realize there are too many advancements and expectation (that MMORPG's design) for it to happen anytime soon  (risk adverse and rut game companies have been in ).

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