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using detours 3.0 crash

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I have gotten time to take alook at how detouring works,the problem is if i output parameter 2 then its crashing


FARPROC WINAPI My_GetProcAddress(HMODULE hModule,LPCSTR lpProcName)
sprintf(sBuffer,"%s\n",GetProcAddress); //Hooks fine
sprintf(sBuffer,"%s %s\n",GetProcAddress,lpProcName); //Crash , sBuffer is char[128] so thats enough
oStream << sBuffer;
return p_GetProcAddress(hModule,lpProcName);

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Isn't GetProcAddress a function? Why are you handling it as a null terminated string? The bigger surprise is that it's not already crashing the first time, but you're probably lucky to have a zero on the stack nearby. Output pointers as %p, not as string.

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