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XNA - Tile Engine With Collision

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i've been trying for a while now, but i'm not sure on how to make a tile engine that reads from an array, and for example if i put a '#', how do i make it solid? I've been thinking about something like this:

Reads from array: case '#': { new Solid(//some variables); }

So when the code runs through the Array and hits an '#', it creates, well, maybe a brick thats solid which you can stand on and stuff :)

Also, is it possible to maybe fix the background in the program Tiled, and then only run through an array with events or collision?

Any ideas, im thinking about a Mario stylish game :)

Thanks in advance ;3


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Hi :)


Here you can download codesamples for reading a map from a textfile.


This code uses numeric values, but you can change what you do with the characters read to a SWITCH statement like you are mentioning in your question.


Kind regards - Jakob

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