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many potatersssss

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If you can't figure out how to get boost to work, consider upgrading your compiler. Threading support is now part of the standard library as of C++11. std::thread is largely based on boost::thread and will work out of the box with a C++11 compiler. 

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No offence/disrespect on the following sentence meant(please): Yeah multi-threading is very scary....it's like an Armageddon... well, no, not really.
Obviously I not only need them as common sense but I also need them at the moment for server side to listen and deal with multiple connections.

Thing is, you can put "no disrespect" on anything you like but from what I'm reading you seem very set on the idea that you know better than everyone here so I'm not entirely sure why you're even asking.

Threading for sockets is a legitimate practice but you can certainly do networking without needing multiple threads, there are non-blocking sockets for this reason.

The most flexible and low on resources implementation there is as well as most used, supported, proven, etc. etc. You know, the usual.

There's no "usual" in programming, what is good in one situation isn't good in another. The fact you don't seem to know that is rather scary. People have already mentioned that the C++ threading code is almost identical to the boost one so obviously it would be preferable to use the C++ standard library version unless you have either good reason to use the boost one or do not have access to it on your compiler.

I'm afraid you are wrong, please see http://orwelldevcpp.blogspot.com/ .
C++11 is a relatively new "thing" and as I mentioned I was advised that Boost Threads are more "powerful" or "flexible".

I wouldn't call a fork of an IDE to be the same as the original IDE, in fact if its a fork it shouldn't be using the same name in general.

What cracks me up in general is that you're so interested in having the "perfect" or "most optimal" library for a situation you don't even seem to be able to adequately explain, and ontop of that you're using an ide/compiler that I can almost guarentee does not have the same support or quality as half of what SiCrane just listed.

Visual studio doesn't even support all of C++11 yet and I believe gcc is still missing some as well, so it's not exactly unrealistic to think a fork of a long dead program might not support something like the new threading.

Not trying to be rude or anything here, just giving you a reality check. You're coming off more as trying to tell everyone they're wrong than to ask why they suggest what they do. Edited by Satharis

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