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What is Archmagia?

Archmagia is a videogame. Well, it will be. Right now, it is under development.[/size]

You might well ask, what is Archmagia about? Well, think of any trading card game you have ever played, or heard about – most of them are great! But, we still think they can be improved. How? Have you ever dreamed about having all of your creatures and spells as real 3D animated models, complete with great visual effects, but still keeping all the classic strategy and fun? You have? Well, that's Archmagia![/size]

It has been a while since the idea of creating a spell card game first crossed my mind. In fact, I have a large number of documents and some rules proposals from as early as 2007. While I have been thinking about it in the background ever since, in the meantime, I have started an augmented reality company, gathered a great team around me and have worked on a number of amazing projects for several years.[/size]

The Many-Worlds team have thought about it and have come to a decision: we really want to create this game and now is the time to do it![/size]



Our developer's diary

To channel all our excitement about this development, we've decided to share the whole creative process with the public: planning, preliminary concepts, drawings, modeling, animation... everything![/size]



That's why we have created a developer's diary. Here it is the link.[/size]


In Archmagia developer's diary we want to share all our work with you. We will publish videos like these ones:[/size]




We will also try to post all our progress and keep people up-to-date about the whole development process as frequently as possible. Please do take into account that we are funding this work with our own resources so, from time to time, we will have to focus on other developments and projects.[/size]



This is another example of the videos we are producing for the [/size]developer's diary:[/size]



We would love to know your opinions. How could it be improved? Is a particular rule too complicated or too restrictive? How could the game be more balanced? With your help, Archmagia will become the great game we have dreamed that it will be.[/size]

Related resources

You can also find us on [/size]Facebook and [/size]Google +, so follow us on your favorite social network to keep you updated![/size]

Finally, but not less important, you can also find a whole Archmagia section in our [/size]YouTube channel, so you have no excuses for not keeping up-to-date![/size]



Welcome to Archmagia. This will be an amazing journey and we want to share it with you.[/size]

Thank you, and enjoy![/size]
UPDATE 1-10-2013[/size]
After finishing our first scenery, Ancient Mines, we was playing with it in Unity and we realized that it didn't fit our needs. That's why we have taken some time to create a brand new one. This time, our two archmages, the Technomancer and the Rune Carver has been already inserted. [/size]

You can also see our first creature: the Obsidian Golem. It will be summoned by the Rune Carver. [/size]

In addition, while our CG artist was working in the scenery, I was working in the magic system. It will allow us to create a spells with a great variety of effects from the editor. Our plan is to have the spells stored as prefabs in a remote database to allow player to learn them. In the video you can also see a fire ball already prepared to be casted.[/size]

We keep our work in our spare time. Our main objective is to have a playable demo in the next few months. Hopefully, we will also have a browser version in a few weeks, to show how is it going.[/size]

Right now, while I keep my work on the spell system, we will also start the UI design.[/size]

Here, you can take a look at the development process video. Please, I would appreciate if you could share your opinions about it. Also if you like it, you can subscribe to our development diary in [/size]www.archmagia.com.[/size]




UPDATE: 12-12-2013
After a couple of months of hard work, we are ready to show some gameplay of Archmagia. But first I would like to tell you about Archmagia's current state.
Current status
- Spell system: it is almost ready. We have developed an easy to use system that can be set-up by CG artists. They can prepare the assets for each phase: charging, casting, effecting, and post-effecting. After that they can set the spell prefab without knowing nothing about programming. This was one of our main requirements, since a lot of creatures and spells will need to be created. Our spell system currently supports several types of spells (personal area, remote area, cone, line, melee, etc.). And each type is fully configurable (speed, time, type of displacement - rect, parabolic, ...-, multi-effect configuration, etc.)
- Summon system: very advanced too. A summon is also a spell, but it is a very special one. Although the casting is standard, after that it will instantiate a summon prefab in the correct place. Animations and effects can be very different and we need to cover all  of them from a generic perspective. It was pretty challenging.
- Customizable items spells: they are also similar to spells, but we wanted them to be even more spectacular. The main difference with normal spells are that they usually will have to manage an item animation (take a look at the fists attack of the Rune Carver). Since we also wanted this one to be a generic feature, it was also a bit tricky.
Next steps
- Regarding to art and CG, a new colleague has joined to our team: Adrián . He is a cartoonist and ilustrator and he will collaborate with us in the character design. He is currently working in the Necromancer concept. These are some designs he is currently working at:



We will  dedicate a entire post to him in our blog in the next few weeks, as soon as the full necromancer design is ready. Stay tuned if you like character design, since we are preparing a great footage!
- The next task will be to add multiplayer capabilities. For that, we are currently studying several alternatives (among others, Photon Unity Networking and Unity Networking. I like the P2P capabilities of PUN, but initially I find that it is not very well integrated with Mecanim. Still a lot of work to do, and BTW I would appreciate any comments, ideas or thoughts about this issue!
After all this text (sorry!), it is finally time for our last video. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did while creating it. As always, you really would help us if you could share it in case you like it, and tell us if you have any idea or thought!
Remember to follow us at www.archmagia.com!


UPDATE: 1-23-2014
Hi, everybody![/size]



We are very excited about our new Steam Greenlight Concept. It has been online for a week and we are surprised about how is it doing right now. I just wanted to share it with you. If you like it, you could help us by clicking thumb up on Steam!

This is the link to Steam Greenlight Concepts



Please, share your opinions and thoughts, they have been really helpful so far!

Thank you! I hope you guys like it!





The Many-Worlds team[/size]

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