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Does the status of chartered IT professional grant any advantage when looking for game programmer jobs?

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Mafioso    169



I'm currently choosing a university where I would like to do my BSc Computer Science degree and I came across an additional accreditation, which allows to have a membership in The Chartered Institute for IT and become a chartered IT professional.


The chartered institute that I've mentioned is a British one, however there should be equivalent ones for other countries as well.


I know that chartered status is a requirement for engineers and some other positions to get a decent job in the industry. Is this of any good for a game programmer or is it just a posh title to have on your CV? Would it make any difference for an employer after graduation?


Thank you.

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Tom Sloper    16040

It would not add to your programming credentials, but for a small studio it would make you look attractive as someone who could help with their IT needs. It might mean you'd be doing a lot more IT work than you otherwise would.

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