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Comparison of game development kits by features and ease of use?

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liltavast    101

Does anyone know of a good resource that compares/contrasts game development suites (whether free or otherwise) by features and ease of use?  I'm personally looking for a suite that allows me to get by with as little programming as possible, i.e. placing models, defining events, doing as much as possible with a GUI, not because I can't code, but because I prefer not to (I see little value in implementing A* for the umpteenth time).

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ShadowFlar3    1258

Well, I don't have a comparison table but I'll have a recommendation:


The obvious answer from where I stand is the BGE with it's logic brick system. You can set up objects and link different sensors like keyboard buttons or detecting near objects and use them to trigger actuators like applying movement or playing animation. It's pretty intuitive and it's all graphical. If you want to, you can customize it further by adding little python code in between.


BGE pros:

+ Logic brick system for GUI programming

+ Model, texture, animate, program, play seamlessly inside one program

+ open source and totally free


BGE cons:

- less bleeding edge eye candy out-of-the-box than Unity or UDK

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shindig    136

I like unity for a variety of reasons: multi platform publishing, easy workflow, great asset store, native binary support through plugins, etc.  


We've done projects using combinations of:

  • ms kinect sensor
  • asus xtion pro sensor
  • oculus rift 
  • leap motion sensor
  • sphero ar balls
  • AR middleware such as metaio and vuforia. 
  • realistic real world terrains from google earth heightmaps

Which take hours to implement rather than weeks/months.

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