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Video Game Music Countdown

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Hello everybody! For a while now I've wanted to share with the internet some of my favorite video game tracks, through a Youtube video. I know nobody likes blatant 'watch my video!' threads or comments, but a video which isn't announced just doesn't get watched. In any case, I'd love to hear your opinion on this countdown.


The topic is: Video game songs that stayed with you, that you hum occasionally while driving, or waiting in line. Tunes that aren't necessarily great, but manage to be unforgettable.


This is my own list:


10 - Yearnings of wind - Chrono Trigger (it's the 600 AD theme)

9 - Green Green - Kirby's Epic Yarn (I actually heard it for the first time on Kirby's Dreamland, but the Wii version is just amazing)

8 - Dr. Wily's Castle - Mega Man 2

7- Opening Theme - Silent Hill (PS1)

6 - Dance of the Holy Man - Super Castlevania IV (First Stage)

5 - Hyrule Castle - Zelda: LttP

4 - Overworld Theme - Final Fantasy IV

3 - Sim Broadway - SimCity 3000

2 - Call of Magic - Morrowind

1 - Scars of Time - Chrono Cross


Here's the video link: 

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