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Violet CLM

Difference between x.opEquals(y) and x==y with funcdefs?

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I have a value class with a registered opEquals method that takes a function, like so:
ASengine->RegisterObjectMethod("SOMEVALUETYPE", "bool opEquals(const SOMEFUNCDEF@ &in)", asMETHOD(INTERNALVERSIONOFTHATVALUETYPE,operator==), asCALL_THISCALL);
There is likewise an opAssign method. Any of the following work fine in AngelScript, where svt is a variable of type SOMEVALUETYPE and f is a function of type SOMEFUNCDEF:
svt = f;
if (svt.opEquals(f)) {}
if (svt == f) {}
does not compile, returning instead:

WARN : The operand is implicitly converted to handle in order to compare them
ERR : Both operands must be handles when comparing identity

Shouldn't == work the same way as opEquals, like = works the same way as opAssign? It did in v2.26.3 (or maybe .2, not sure), but seems to have changed at some point since then.

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This feels like a related issue, so I kept in the same topic, but I might be wrong. I mentioned opAssign and = working the same way, but that's not always the case. If the function f is inside of a namespace, then svt.opAssign(ns::f) works just fine, but svt = ns::f crashes. Specifically it would seem to crash the executable at some point during the code compilation, since it doesn't matter if the line never even gets called by anything.
EDIT: The same is true for opEquals/==. Edited by Violet CLM

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